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This is a guild in Elios - the world of Elsword.

What is Raven Tail?

Raven Tail is a guild from the anime Fairy Tail. Just like this guild, it was founded by someone banned from Fairy Tail - arguably unjustly.

I created Raven Tail for I feel that Elios's Fairy Tail guild does not follow the values of the guild it was based after - Earthland's Fairy Tail.

Raven Tail DOES follow those values to the point. As such we are based off of three things in-particular:

1) We are a Family.

That means we are close-knit and get along with each other completely. I am the only one that can kick members and it will stay that way - the only reason someone would get kicked is if they did something at the level of betrayal.

Everyone is different. We each have things that define us all. We are strange, emo, sunshine, religious, scientific, hot, cold, melodramatic, and chillax. Each and every person is unique to themselves. Everyone in this guild is their own person and no matter what makes them up they are Family. No matter how different we may be, there is a bond between us that cannot be broken. Fairy Tail is a feeling - though the Elios guild has failed in realizing that, we have not. That feeling is the basis of this guild and it will always be the basis.

2) We aim to be Strong.

That does not mean we aim to be the strongest - being Strong is a principle and a title of recognition. You do not have to be the strongest to be Strong. We will seek to all be max level and train our skills but this does not have to be a solo mission.

Those that are at max MUST help those that aren't. The Strong look out for the Weak. Everyone that is at max, when a member asks for help with something, MUST help them.

Those that are not at max - feel free to ask those who are for help. They are your Family and they are there to help you in times of need.

We also have Teams of Four - four members that train together, level together, and fight together. They also create multi-player combos to defeat foes, even for PvP usage.

3) We will wage an all-out war against Fairy Tail.

This is not a joke. Elios's Fairy Tail not only does not follow the values of Earthland's, but in many ways is the opposite of it. As such it is a disgrace to its name and needs to be disbanded.

I plan to have an all-out war against Fairy Tail - the loser MUST disband. Though we are held together by being a Family, this objective is not only hardproof and necessary but an ambition we all share in one way or another. Elios's Fairy Tail is our enemy - that is a fact.

Raven Tail is true to its word - you will not be turned away. You will be loved and supported. Home is where the Heart is. This is our Home.
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